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Bob Dylan - Complete Discography

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Normalna Bob Dylan - Complete Discography

Počalji od Broj Jedan taj Čet 16 Sep - 22:17:37

Bob Dylan - Complete Discography [Mp3 192 kbps] + Cover

Bob Dylan - Complete Discography Boblogo

Bob Dylan (born Robert Allen Zimmerman, May 24, 1941 in Duluth, Minnesota) is an American singer-songwriter, author, poet, painter and disc jockey, who has been a major figure in popular music for five decades. Much of Dylan's most celebrated work dates from the 1960s, when he became an informal chronicler and a reluctant figurehead of American unrest. A number of his songs, such as "Blowin' in the Wind" and "The Times They Are a-Changin'", became anthems of the civil rights movements. His most recent studio album, Modern Times, released on August 29, 2006, entered the U.S. album chart at number one, and that same year was named Album of the Year by Rolling Stone magazine.

Dylan's early lyrics incorporated politics, social commentary, philosophy and literary influences, defying existing pop music conventions and appealing widely to the counterculture. While expanding and personalizing musical styles, he has shown steadfast devotion to many traditions of American song, from folk, blues and country to gospel, rock and roll and rockabilly to English, Scottish and Irish folk music, and even jazz and swing.

Dylan performs with the guitar, piano and harmonica. Backed by a changing line-up of musicians, he has toured steadily since the late 1980s on what has been dubbed the "Never Ending Tour." Although his accomplishments as performer and recording artist have been central to his career, his songwriting is generally regarded as his greatest contribution.

During his career, Dylan has won many awards for his songwriting, performing, and recording. His records have earned Grammy, Golden Globe, and Academy Awards, and he has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame and Songwriters Hall of Fame. In 1999, Dylan was included in the Time 100: The Most Important People of the Century, and in 2004, he was ranked number two in Rolling Stone magazine's list of "Greatest Artists of All Time." In January 1990, Dylan was made a Commandeur des Arts et des Lettres by French Minister of Culture Jack Lang; in 2000, he was awarded the Polar Music Prize by the Royal Swedish Academy of Music; and in 2007, Dylan was awarded the Prince of Asturias Award in Arts in Spain by the Fundación Príncipe de Asturias. He has been nominated several times for the Nobel Prize in Literature.

In 2008, Dylan was awarded a Pulitzer Prize Special Citation for his "profound impact on popular music and American culture, marked by lyrical compositions of extraordinary poetic power." Previous recipients of this award include Thelonious Monk and John Coltrane.

Studio albums

Bob Dylan 1962
The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan 1963
The Times They Are a-Changin' 1964
Another Side of Bob Dylan 1964
Bringing It All Back Home 1965
Highway 61 Revisited 1965
Blonde on Blonde 1966
John Wesley Harding 1967
Nashville Skyline 1969
Self Portrait 1970
New Morning 1970
Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid 1973
Dylan 1973
Planet Waves 1974
Blood on the Tracks 1975
The Basement Tapes 1975
Desire 1976
Street Legal 1978
Slow Train Coming 1979
Saved 1980
Shot of Love 1981
Infidels 1983
Empire Burlesque 1985
Knocked Out Loaded 1986
Down in the Groove 1988
Oh Mercy 1989
Under the Red Sky 1990
Good as I Been to You 1992
World Gone Wrong 1993
Time Out of Mind 1997
“Love and Theft” 2001
Modern Times 2006


Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits 1967
Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits Vol. II 1971
Masterpieces 1978
Biograph 1985
The Bootleg Series Volumes 1–3 (Rare & Unreleased) 1961–1991 1991
Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits Volume 3 1994
The Best of Bob Dylan, Vol. 1 (UK) 1997
The Best of Bob Dylan, Vol. 2 2000
The Essential Bob Dylan 2000
The Bootleg Series Vol. 7: No Direction Home: The Soundtrack 2005
The Best of Bob Dylan (US) 2005
Dylan 2007

Live albums

Before the Flood 1974
Hard Rain 1976
Bob Dylan at Budokan 1979
Real Live 1984
Dylan & The Dead 1989
The 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration 1993
MTV Unplugged 1995
The Bootleg Series Vol. 4: Bob Dylan Live 1966, The "Royal Albert Hall" Concert 1998
Live 1961-2000: Thirty-Nine Years of Great Concert Performances (Japan only) 2001
The Bootleg Series Vol. 5: Bob Dylan Live 1975, The Rolling Thunder Revue 2002
The Bootleg Series Vol. 6: Bob Dylan Live 1964, Concert at Philharmonic Hall 2004
Live at the Gaslight 1962 2005
Live at Carnegie Hall 1963 2005

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